Asia Attractions

Asia Attractions

Set amidst a beautifully lush 1.3-hA landscape with dramatic vistas and forested hills as its backdrop, ‘Dulapa Hills Residence’ is just minutes away from the beachside area of Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, Thailand. Visiting Asia’s must-see attractions and enjoying the must-do local culture and oceanic experiences are effortless from ‘Dulapa Hills Residence’.


The island is designated as one of Thailand’s most important historic sites, being a favourite vacation place for three former kings of Thailand: King Rama IV, King Rama V, and King Rama VI. The clean fresh air of the natural environment adds to the joy of visiting the famous sightseeing spots:
• The Father Spirit of Great Hill, with the Buddha’s footprint on the top of the hill and a truly beautiful view of the island.
• The Yellow Buddha Temple and the sacred Chakkrapong Cave.
• Chong Khao Kard park, a wonderful spot to see spectacular sunsets.
• King Chulalongkorn’s Judhahut Palace, with its several historic architectural sites.


Connected by a long bridge from Siracha’s mainland, Koh Loy is a landmark attraction of the city. The viewpoint from Koh Loy allows visitors to observe the panoramic vistas of the surrounding areas, such as Koh Si Chang and the city of Sriracha. The island is a popular evening venue for locals to go exercising and fishing. A place where visitors can truly relax and immerse themselves in the romantic skies and sunsets. An experience that will never be forgotten.


The park is a famous relaxation place for Sriracha locals. Located by Sriracha beach, its facilities include kiddies play space, outdoor picnic area, pavilion and jogging track. Popular activities include Yoga and Qi Gong; practice while enjoying the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun.


This market is more than just a place to buy goods. It’s an exhilarating cultural experience. You can easily spend a whole morning walking through the aisles of the bustling marketplace and exploring the shops and stalls that sell fresh seafood, meats, fruit, vegetables and much more, all at amazingly low prices.


Khao Kheow Open Zoo and Night Safari is one of Thailand’s largest zoos covering an area of about 800 hA. The zoo is located in Bangphra District only half an hour away from ‘Dulapa Hills Residence’. The zoo contains more than 8,000 animals from 300 species with its clear policies of conservation, education, research of wild animals as well as providing recreational areas.


The water resource of the reservoir has its origins in the Green Mountains. There are more than 130 species of birds living in the shady forested area around the reservoir. With its natural settings and panoramic views, it is a perfect place for a relaxing picnic under the bluesky in the fresh air. The highlight is a long bike path that goes along the side of the reservoir.


Thailand is considered to be a golfer’s paradise and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world to play. You will find world-class golf courses located around the rolling hills of Sriracha District, Chonburi Province and its nearby cities such as Pattaya.
The area combines both nice weather and lush landscape with challenging terrain that varies according to each unique club. More than 10 stunning golf clubs, such as Siam Country Club Pattaya, Bangphra Golf Club & Resort, Burapha Golf Club, Pleasant Valley Golf & Country Club, and The Golf Lodge Amata Spring Country Club are within easy reach.


As one of the most famous beaches on the eastern coast of Thailand, Bang Saen Beach is within a 15-minute drive from Sriracha District. It is perfect for visitors who love entertainment and local dining as well as a great place for water-sport activities.
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