With our philosophy, the key takeaway to building a community requires giving back. Here at ‘Dulapa Hills Residence’, we encourage our resident members to fulfill their dreams and aspirations and to heighten their sense of self-worth. We also support members who wish to utilise their expertise and pursue a purposeful life by arranging communal activities with the collaboration of the local people.


Volunteering always gives you a sense of purpose that adds meaning to your life and makes you feel valued after retirement. Here at ‘Dulapa Hills Residence’, you can feel free to propose a community programme that fits your background, lead or join a group within the residence and you can give back to the wider community such as giving your language class to local children. This also gives you the chance to meet new people, expand your relationship and explore new experiences especially with locals in Sriracha District and nearby communities.


Take advantage of Dulapa Hills Residence’s beautiful- ly natural setting to initiate a wellness routine. Our wellness programmes can be custom designed throughout the year to suit the goals and interests of individuals or groups. The activities such as Thai music and Thai cooking class are truly worthwhile.
Vitalising programmes such as Qi Gong and jogging are held in the morning or evening in our beautiful ‘Dulapa Hills Residence’ or at the Sriracha beachside with oceanic background and fresh air. Our ocean adventures such as kayaking, fishing, sailing, island cruising and aquatic exercise in the pool are designed to be engaging and friendly, creating a fun-filled mem- orable experience.

Dulapa Hills by Dulapa Group